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10 Inspirational Tiny House Quotes

I admit it! I’m a sucker for a great quote. Making the leap to a tiny house lifestyle is a journey in overcoming our need to conform to the construct of others. Some people genuinely enjoy life more when they have a 2,000+ square foot house filled with all the trappings the modern world allows. Others feel burdened by the need to keep up with the Joneses. They hate their jobs and feel like their life is being subjugated to the will of others. Their time is consumed by the never ending race to earn and buy more. In the end, they lose site of who they are and their friends and family simply become the people they send cards to at Christmas.

Who are you and what do you want out of YOUR life? 

tiny house inspiration 2


I sometimes find myself fantasizing about what life would be like if America was still occupied by Native Americans, and I was part of their tribe. Our modern consumer driven lives of having more than we need would be a sin. Are we sure consuming more than we need still isn’t a sin?

tiny house inspiration 3

I am fascinated by how most of us become our own worst enemy. We are paralyzed by fear. We lose touch with nature and let advertisements form the construct of what a fulfilled life is. Are we all really sheep following the leader to the edge of the cliff?




tiny house inspiration 4

The first thing most of us do when we move to a bigger house or apartment is to go shopping to fill the space. We find ourselves with 2 or 3 living areas and 7 TV’s. Then you need to turn your bedroom into a suite walled off from the rest of the house and all the crap you don’t need. Why not just make your house the same size as the suite? Nature provides the best settings anyway.



tiny house inspiration 5

My ultimate tiny house location is next to a mountain. I am most at peace and in tune while hiking in dead silence. I was meant to observe and explore. The experience enriches my soul. Isn’t enriching our soul what this time should be about anyway?




tiny house inspiration 6

It is easy to be miserable without even realizing it. We convince ourselves that we are trapped because we have to make payments on crap we didn’t need in the first place or we can’t disappoint our partner. Yes, life requires us to do activities we wouldn’t otherwise do. Some of these activities are healthy as they allow us to expand our boundaries and skills. Many are not.



tiny house inspiration 7

Even if you never transition to a tiny lifestyle, take the time learn who you are and what brings you pleasure. You might only have one chance.

tiny house inspiration 8

Living a true life is hard. From the moment we are little, society bombards us with images of what being a successful adult is. Realize most of these images were brought to us by marketers who were trying to sell something. Don’t be a sucker.


tiny house inspiration 9

Watching a beautiful sunset fills me with a joy that can never be fully translated into words. A tiny lifestyle can allow you to live off the grid where nature presents her most pristine sights.

tiny house inspiration 10


Our insatiable thirst for energy is killing our planet. Will you take a stand?

tiny house inspiration 11


Few people find themselves filled with regret that they didn’t work more on their deathbeds. They regret not spending more time with those they love and not pursuing their dreams. Be part of a sustainable change.