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Best Tiny House Wardrobes

Best Tiny House Wardrobes

One of the first steps in transitioning to a tiny house is to get rid of what you don’t need. While I am relatively content walking around naked, society considers this behavior unacceptable. For this reason and my tendency to burn in the sun, I had to keep my clothes. The problem in a tiny house is where to store your clothes.

First Question

Are you trying to hide your clothes from view or simply trying to store them in a manner that will keep them clean and wrinkle free? Options in the latter category are significantly cheaper.

Cheapest Ways to Store Your Wardrobe in a Tiny House

amazon basic garment rack


The AmazonBasics garment isn’t pretty. I will give you that. It is, however, incredibly useful. The reviews are amazing with 87 out of 95 reviewers given the unit 4 or 5 stars. It comes with a one year warranty from Amazon. Locking wheels can be added for easy portability. Assembly can be completed in as little as fifteen minutes with no additional tools. We wish they would have added an extra adjustable shelf to better utilize the space. Oh well, maybe version two will come with one. Note, this unit is plastic and not metal as you might expect.

– Dimensions: 35 x 17.3 x 70.5

– Weight: 20.8 pounds


whitemor double rod closet

If you like the design of the AmazonBasics garment rack but want more space, this is your model. More than 1700 reviewers give this model an average rating of 4 out of 5. You have two different racks to hang clothes and five different shelves. The additional space could make the Whitmor perfect for couples. It actually costs twelve dollars less than the smaller Amazon unit. Unfortunately, it is not on wheels for easy movement. I doubt this will bother most people since placement option will be limited in your tiny house. Unlike the Amazon model, this unit has a more traditional steel frame. Overall, this is a great option if you have the space and need additional storage.

– Dimensions: 45.25 x 19.25 x 68

– Weight: 18.6 pounds


seville expandable closet

The Seville closet is neat because you can adjust the width from 58 inches to 83 inches. While i don’t see the larger dimension being logical for most tiny house owners, it is still a thoughtful touch from the designer. It costs almost three times what the Whitmor does, but $105 bucks shipped is still well within the range of most budgets. The main advantage over the Whitmor is the additional shelf space. It also has an impressive 100 pound per shelf and 125 pound per non extended rod weight capacity. The durable nature of this unit is a great selling point. As with the other two models.


Best Tiny House Wardrobes

If you want a more traditional wardrobe that will keep your unmentionables and rhinestone studded clothes out of site, we have some great choices for you too.


prepac wardrobe


Prepac Elite 32″ Wardrobe – $183.59

The Prepac wardrobe is the number one best-seller on Amazon. Reviews are stellar both on Amazon and on Google Shopping. 53 Amazon reviewers give the unit a 4 star rating. 78 customers on Google Shopping give it a 4.5 star rating. The $183 price on Amazon is about the best you will find online, but if they charge you tax, you can buy it on Overstock for a couple bucks more. Oddly, the country of origin for this wardrobe is Canada. That could certainly be a plus if you prefer to buy more local goods.

– Dimensions: 32″W x 65″H x 20″D

– Weight: 122 pounds


amish pine wardrobe


Amish Pine Wood Wardrobe – $515

The Amish Pine Wardrobe isn’t cheap, but it could fit beautifully in most tiny houses. I am in love with the natural finish. The store (dutchcrafters) actually allows customers to select their preferred finish and varnish. While it might be out of the price range for many, it is the sturdiest suggestion on this list. Not surprisingly, the Amish wardrobe is made in America. Other than price, the 6 to 8 week lead time could be a major downside for some prospective customers.

– Dimensions: 40″W x 60″H x 21.5″D


akadahome wardrobe


akadaHOME Torino Walnut Wardrobe – $145

The akadaHOME wardrove has an attractive price tag. It is sold at Home Depot with free ship to store to help keep the price low. The walnut appearance is actually a laminate. The darker colors could be a big selling point for those looking to find a good color match for the rest of their house. Two shelves are included (one at the bottom and one at the top). It also has one rod to hang clothes. This model comes in at a tiny house friendly width of 29.75 inches. By buying it at Home Depot, you also enjoy a convenient ninety day return window if it doesn’t fully suit you needs.

– Dimensions: 29.75″W X 72.25″H X 21″D

– Weight: 88 pounds


Buying a wardrobe for a tiny house can be a pain in the ass. Cost, size, and decor restraints equal one big headache. We hope that we’ve help illuminate some of the excellent options suitable for all needs. If you have another suggestion, please feel free to leave a comment.


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