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Best Tiny House Builders

It wasn’t that long ago that if you wanted a tiny house, you had to build it yourself. Today, that’s changed. As the movement has gained momentum, a number of companies have gotten into the act, offering everything from design plans to fully constructed homes delivered right to wherever you want them. As with any industry, not all builders are created equally. It pays to do your research. We’ll start with three of the top companies operating in the US, but we’ll also provide you with some resources to help ensure you’re able to find builders in your own back yard.

Tumbleweed Tiny House Company

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There are few builders with the reputation and brand recognition that Tumbleweed Tiny House Company commands. Tumbleweed is one of the oldest and best tiny house builders operating today. You’ll find that Tumbleweed offers a wide range of plans for sale, and they also sponsor workshops and classes around the nation. However, they also build tiny homes and deliver them right to you. All of the company’s mobile tiny homes are available pre-constructed and delivered, including the Elm, Cypress, Linden and Mica. Each model has a range of different size and configuration options that can be chosen, and you can even design your own tiny home right through their website. While Tumbleweed also offers cottage designs, they don’t build these – you buy the plans and then find a contractor in your area to create the final build. Tumbleweed also has two locations – one in Colorado and one in California. Make sure you compare the various floor plans carefully, as well as the customization options, as your choices will have a significant impact on the size of your home, as well as the layout.


elm tiny house


cypress tiny house


linden tiny house


mica tiny house

Tiny House Company

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Another of the best tiny house builders out there is the Tiny House Company, located in Texas (Spring, to be exact). The Tiny House Company got its start back in 2011, making them a true veteran of this young but growing industry. Like Tumbleweed, the Tiny House Company specializes in custom designs and handcrafting, combining their innovative style with high-end materials and old world craftsmanship. The company specializes in creating two types of tiny homes – those designed for ongoing moves and those designed primarily for life in one spot (with the ability to move if necessary). On-the-Go models are more streamlined and aerodynamic than the company’s Stay-A-While models, and use RV style fixtures. The Stay-A-While models use traditional connections and fixtures (including conventional toilets). If you have a more DIY frame of mind, consider the company’s tiny house shells. All three choices offer you access to high quality tiny homes built to stand the test of time and hard use.

Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses

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Founded in 2013, Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses actually dates back to 2011 when founder Greg Parham caught the “tiny house bug”. Since then, he’s been creating one of a kind tiny homes for a broad range of clients at affordable prices. The company currently offers the Durango and the Boulder models, both very mobile tiny homes that nevertheless give owners plenty of style and downsizing capabilities.


durango tiny house


boulder tiny house

Significantly more models are planned, including the Stanley, Bitterroot Valley, Red Mountain, Grand Teton, Leadville, Whitefish, Front Range, Telluride, Santa Fe, Homesteader and Wasatch. Rocky Mountain Tiny Homes does more than just design and build, though. The reason they’re one of the best tiny house builders in the US is due to the fact that they can also offer consulting, custom design services and even partial builds (which gives you a tiny house shell to finish out to your own tastes and on your own time – that includes wiring and plumbing). One of the high points of working with this builder is the range of customization choices, including everything from flooring types to roofing materials, cladding, interior wall material, entry doors, bathroom design and kitchen design/layout.

Find Your Own

Not content with the three top contenders ranked as the best tiny house builders? No worries. There are dozens of others out there, and the Internet makes it simpler to find them on your own. Below, you’ll find two excellent resources to connect you with builders, as well as with others in the tiny house industry.

Tiny House Map – Tiny House Map is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. It’s an interactive, customizable map that lets you choose your location and your search criteria. For instance, clicking the check box beside “builders” shows you a national map with icons for each tiny house builder registered in the system. Click on an icon and you’re given information about that builder, including their name and a brief explanation. Click the “more details” heading at the bottom left of the field and a new window opens giving you pictures of the company’s work, their website address, their snail mail address and more.

tiny house map

Tiny House Listings – Tiny House Listings was founded as an informational resource for those seeking to live in a tiny home, as well as for owners looking for a place to park, and to connect with others in this growing, vibrant community. Across the top of the site, you’ll see several headings, including Browse Tiny Houses, Tiny House Parking, Social Tiny, Tiny House Plans and Tiny House Builders. Clicking on the builders tab opens up a map with several of the best tiny house builders highlighted. You can click on the location markers to pull up the company’s website, phone number and geographic location. Alternatively, you can scroll down the page to view a full list of company names, websites and phone numbers. Make sure you take the time to explore the other features of this site to help you make the most of your tiny house experience.

Working with the best tiny house builders in the industry will ensure that you end up with an amazing place to call home, whether you choose to stay on the road, or put down roots in the area of your choice.

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