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Top 10 Best Tiny House YouTube Channels

Best Tiny House YouTube Channels

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Learning how to transition to a tiny house lifestyle can be a daunting task. We recently published an article where we suggested several of the best tiny house books. For this article, I want to delve into the Youtube medium. Demonstrations are one of the best ways to learn, and the fact that the service is free means the price is right.

Top 10 Tiny House Youtube Channels

1, Tiny House Talk – If you have done much research on tiny houses, I am sure you have run across the Tiny House Talk website. It is a tremendous resource by itself. Alex Pino, out of Florida, operates the site. Alex also makes fun and helpful Youtube videos that have millions of views.



2. Living Big In A Tiny House – This channel has a wealth of what I lovingly refer to as tiny house porn. Those videos are essentially tours of impressive looking tiny houses. They also cover education DIY topics, such as constructing a tiny house trailer. The people who run this channel our based in New Zealand. The beautiful landscapes add to the value of these videos.



3. Tiny House Listings – This is one of my favorite websites. On the main site, they highlight tiny houses that are for sale. The Youtube channel is almost exclusively devoted to DIY projects, like installing flooring, counter tops, siding, etc. Most of their videos still have relatively few views, but I expect big things from this channel.


4. Kirsten Dirksen – her videos aren’t exclusively about tiny houses, but the ones she has are great. Many of her videos involve the stories of people who chose a minimalist lifestyle along with a tour of their tiny domicile. It is a really neat channel and several of her videos have well over 100,000 views.


5. The Do It Yourself World – building a tiny house is a great way to build new skills and discover interests you never knew you had. This channel is all about how to complete projects, like air conditioning and electric, that might otherwise seem terrifying. The videos on this channel are helpful and have been viewed by millions of people. If you are serious about your tiny house journey, I highly recommend checking it out.


6. relaxshacks – They have several 500,000+ view videos of beautiful tiny houses. Tips on space saving or salvaging are offered, but for the most part, this channel is about looking at some awesome tiny houses. Since the company offers workshops, you can get a pretty good feel for whether or not it would be worthwhile to buy a ticket. The video quality could be better and the hosts voice oddly gets on my nerves. I won’t dock him for this latter aspect since it is highly subjective.


7. Tiny House Design – This channel is by Michael Janzen. He mostly focuses on the tools and strategies needed to design your own tiny house. The information found here is useful for anyone who wants to add more of a unique touch to their tiny house than buying a set of off the shelf plans affords. I’ve highlighted a video where Michael discusses using SketchUp to design the house.


8. Tumbleweed – They provide fewer videos than I would expect, but since they are one of my favorite tiny house companies I couldn’t not plug their YouTube channel. They have one video from when Jay was still at the company that has received more than 2 million views! I suspect their content is purposefully scant since they would rather have you attend a workshop and learn how to do it the right way.


9. Kevin Coy – He looks like the type of guy who could survive in the woods for years after the zombies attack or nuclear fallout kills most in the big cities. His range of topics are incredibly useful, like framing, building a portable power plant, and using a wood stove. If you want your tiny house to be off the grid, this is the channel for you.


10. tiny House Build – They don’t have a wealth of videos, but they do have one of the most watched tiny house videos on Youtube with over 4 million views! It is an amazingly comprehensive tour of a well constructed tiny house. You can watch it below.


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