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Young Couple In Canada Builds Tiny Home

Young Couple Builds Tiny House In Canada

The Time Colonist based out of British Columbia, Canada recently posted an inspiring story about a young couple who built a 350 square foot tiny house.

young couple inspiring tiny house


I love how the mother, Jocelyn Lukow (32), is holding her baby in the picture. It is a beautiful tiny house on wheels. I love the weathered wood they used for the outside siding. ┬áThe couple said their goal in building the tiny house was to, “simplify our lives.” What an awesome goal!



young couple tiny house


The interior image shows that the tiny house isn’t fully finished yet, but they don’t have far to go. I especially like the skylight that you can just catch the edge of near Jocelyn’s head. Lots of windows is one of the major keys to making a tiny house that is livable in the long term. The home has thirteen foot tall ceilings. This is another important strategy to make the space feel bigger than it would otherwise/

Jocelyn’s husband, Jarvis, is a 35 year old web developer who works in the interior of the city. Despite having a good technology job, Victoria is still one of the least affordable cities in North America. It is awesome to see how tiny homes are allowing people in regions where home ownership would otherwise be out of reach to pursue their dreams.

I wish the author had asked the family what they plan to do when their child grows older. I wonder if their daughter will have her own tiny house when she reaches an age where she needs privacy. If you think about it, one tiny house for the parents and one for the children could certainly afford the parents more privacy than the standard layouts of many traditional homes.

Dana Hummel was also interviewed for this article. I applaud Dana because they are lobbying to have Canadian laws updated to allow for tiny home lifestyles. Dana sells tiny house plans at TinyMountainHomes.com.



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