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Kanga Modern Cabin - Tiny House Inspiration

Kanga Modern Cabin

Kanga Room Systems is offering an ultra sleek Modern Cabin design. The company specialized in pre-fab wood based kits. They are based in Austin, Texas. Amusingly, there old sales center is being turned into mixed use condos. If you are familiar with Austin, you would know developers are turning about half the city into mixed use condos, but I digress.

Kanga Room System Contact Information

– Phone:  (512) 777-1383

Email: sales@kangaroomsystems.com

Fax: (254) 227-6059

Hours: Available from 8AM to 7PM CST

Now to the inspirational pictures! This is for a setup they did in the Texas Hill Country just west of Austin.

kanga room systems modern cabin 1

The substantial breezeway encapsulates the mindset behind tiny houses. Use nature as part of your living area instead of spending your life cooped up in a house that is 3 or 4 times larger than you need.



kanga 2

I love the floor to ceiling wood work. The living room / kitchen area works out to be 280 square feet (14×20). It looks amazingly spacious, and it is by tiny house standards.


kanga 3


Here is the shot of the 14×16 bedroom. It works out to be 224 square feet. The two indoor living areas together are a total of 504 square feet. The space feels more like a 700 or 800 square foot hours because the breezeway is used as living space.

kanga 4

I love this night time shot. They contrast the inside lights, beautiful woodwork, and clear night sky perfectly.



kanga 5 kanga 6


While this pre-fab model from Kanga Room System is larger than what I would typically consider a tiny house, it is still a great demonstration of how to live in less space without sacrificing comfort. The company even has a utility closet for this model with space for a full sized washer and dryer. By providing less space, the emphasis is allowed to switch to quality craftsmanship instead of size without quality. This examples also provides a great example of how to use outdoor space as part of your living area.

One thought on “Kanga Modern Cabin

  1. While these are beautiful buildings, this would be a perfect example of buyer beware. I bought a Kanga Shed and had it installed by the company in San Antonio. We had problems from the first day. Even though I’ve repeatedly asked The management to come out a see the shoddy work, I have yet to get them here. I would have been better off hiring a local, trusted carpenter and paying slightly more for work that I could rely upon.

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