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Inspirational Website Design

Inspirational Website Design

Living a minimalist lifestyle can provide you with the time to discover your true self. Working 50+ hours a week leaves us feeling like the best parts of our lives are being sold to the man. The design at adhamdannaway.com puts a clever and artistic spin on discovering who you are.


cool website design


I highly recommend clicking on the above image to visit his actual site. Personally, I view coding as being right up there with accounting on the interesting scale, but I am glad there are many with this passion.

What Makes This Guy More Inspirational?

He digs the fact that numerous people have copied his design. Here is a collage he put together of some of the more than 20 sites that have copied his concept.



I’m going to take this to a weird place, but can you imagine how much better the world would be if Pfizer was happy companies in India and Brazil copied their formulas because it meant they had accomplished something great. Instead we live in a world where drug companies delay improving drugs until the patents are about to run out because of pure greed. I have to take a maintenance medication that reduces my bone density, increases my risk of heart disease, raises my cholesterol, and lowers my testosterone. I can’t help but think the drug company has a road map to eliminate each of those problems, but they need 40 years of extended patents to do it.

The point is I wish we lived a world that was motivated by what is right and true to ourselves instead of greed and materialism.

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